About MBA Programme

Master of Business Administration(MBA) 

(A Two Years Full Time Course of Gujarat Technological University

& Approved by AICTE, NEW DELHI)

MBA is a two year program designed to provide the knowledge and skills of decision making and leadership necessary to tackle the challenge of today’s global business. The mission of MBA program is to build competent professionals who can transform communities.

The institute had started the MBA program from the academic year 2011 functioning as a Post Graduate Centre of Gujarat Technological University, to meet the industry demand for skilled professionals.

The focus of the institute is to make the students prosper academically. As a mark of encouragement, the students who excel are given scholarships. There are three scholarships of Rs. 10000/- cash for each semester of study, resulting in a total of 12 scholarships. 

Objective:    The objective of the MBA program is to train students to become development managers in the formal and informal sectors consistent with the needs of society in the context of global changes.

Specifically, the institute’s objective is to develop the following opportunities :
1) A keen understanding of the functional areas of business
2) Analytical ability to make critical decisions in the complex business environment
3) Skills of organization to implement the policy of the organization
4) An ability to use technology as a tool to manage the business effectively
5) Good communication skills to manage the relations formally and informally as well

Job Opportunities:    There is still a shortage of talent in the developed economies and demographic issues are likely to compound this so top level MBAs will remain sort after, though they may find it takes longer or they have to make compromises.

One of the things about MBA graduate is that it is easy to put them in a box and say these are the jobs that MBA graduates take but the good news for them is that they not only learn skills and knowledge that cut across industries but also across a variety of different opportunities like starting their own business, working in Government, working in not for profit so that the breadth of opportunities for MBAs is not restricted to one particular sector.

MBA careers are open to anyone who has earned an MBA degree. There are numerous job opportunities available in nearly every business industry imaginable. The type of job a candidate can get is often dependent on the work experience, MBA specialization, the program through which a candidate have been graduated and individual skill set of the candidate.

MBA job opportunities are available in the following fields of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, IT, International Business

No. Seats Approved  :  Total number of seats available is 60  at this institute.

Management Quota:           Nil.       ( Institute has surrendered management quota since its inception and all seats  are filled on the basis of Merit.)

Fees:    Rs. 25,000 per Semester  


Class Timings: Between 8:00 am to 2.20 pm