BCA Curriculum


Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Semester I

                           CS - 01 Communication Skill

                           CS - 02 Problem Solving Methodologis And Programming In C

             CS - 03 Computer Fundamentals & Emerging Technology

                           CS - 04 Networking & Internet Environment

                           CS - 05 Practicals(Based on CS-4 and PC Software)

             CS - 06 Practicals (Based on CS-2)

Semester II

                           CS - 07 Data Structure Using C Language

                           CS - 08 Developing Applications Using Visual Basic 6.0

             CS - 09 Computer Organization & Architecture

             CS - 10 Mathematical and Statistical Foundation of Computer Science

                           CS - 11 Practicals (Based on CS-07)

                           CS - 12 Practicals (Based on CS-08)


                           Structured & Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methodology (SOOADM)

                           Fundamentals of Java Programming (Java)

                           Statistical Methods (SM)

                           Operating Systems (OS)

                           System Software (SS)

                           Programming Skills-IV (Java)

                           Programming Skills-V (OS)


                            Fundamentals of Networking (FON)

                            Web Technology & Application Development (WT-AD)

                            Operations Research (OR)

              Management Information System (MIS)

Elective – I

                        Programming Skills VI   (FON)

                        Programming Skills VII (WTAD)


List of Elective-I:

           Data Warehousing & Data Mining (DWDM)

Distributed Computing (DCI)

Data Compression (DC2)

Computer Graphics (CG)

Soft Computing (SC)

Analysis & Design of Algorithm (ADA)



                            Software Engineering (SE)

                            Network Security (NS)

                            Mobile Computing (MC)



                            Software Lab in Mobile Computing (SL-MC)

                            Dissertation (DSRT) & Project Definition


List of Elective-II:

                           Advanced Data Base Management Systems(ADBMS)

                            Parallel Programming (PP)

                            Web Searching Technologies & Search Engine Optimization (WST-SEO)

                            Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)

                            Cyber Security & Forensics (CSF)

                            Web Data Management (WDM)


List of Elective-III:

                            Advanced Networking (AN)

                            Image Processing (IP)

                            Wireless Communication & Mobile Programming (WC-MP)

                            Software Development for Embedded Systems (SD-ES)

                            Geographical Information System (GIS)

                            Language Processing (LP)

                            Bio-Informatics (Bio-I)



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