HOD's Message

Pradip L. Mehta
    Management education, in the recent day’s context has to do much more than just importing management knowledge. The outside world expects from any management post graduate beyond the syllabi and curricula in the areas of ability to apply the theory into practical requirements, exhibit the qualities of smartness, fast learning, ability to adopt changing work nature and so on.
Mere exposure to the management and technologies without personality development can result only in an inferior output.
This Institute is equipped and committed to provide through its various activities, ample opportunities to the students, to sharpen their talents and to hone their skills. The experienced and committed faculties are fine-tuned to guide the students in preparing themselves for facing the outside world. Job markets are highly dynamic in nature due to continuously changing demands. Our students are seasoned to face this dynamism. It becomes highly interesting to work with the changing scenario, to evolve new strategies, to transform low profile students into successful managers and to set bench marks.
MBA Department.