The NJSMTI library is spread in 139 Sq.M. area having a seating capacity for more than 100 students. In addition to the Reading Facilities in Library Premises, the Institute has special Reading cubical rooms spread over in 80 Sq.M. for the serious reading.  The library supports the teaching and research programmes of the Institute.  The NJSMTI Library growing rapidly and is expected to expand into an outstanding library within the next few years. The NJSMTI library has huge collection of text books, reference books and books of general reading, journals, periodicals, multimedia facilities, Working Papers and Fieldwork reports.

In addition to this, the library is equipped with facilities such as Multimedia.

(i) Books : Currently, NJSMTI library houses around 5,000 books; in the disciplines of Management (2200 +) , Computer Applications (2400 +), Cooperation and others 200.

(ii) Journals : Currently, NJSMTI library houses 50 periodicals including professional journals, popular magazines, 4 newspapers and more than 100 multimedia CD/DVDs on various aspects of Management and Computer Science.

(iii) Multimedia PCs : The Institute has installed 4 multimedia PCs in the Library for accessing of online journals and other reading available on various online resources.

Electronic Material:The Institute has more than 100 CDs/DVDs and 50 Video Recordings on various subjects related to Management, Computer Applications.